Cloud Angel Remastered!

Cloud Angel Remastered!

I wanted to share a remaster of my "Cloud Angel" photo. Originally photographed in 2009 on a sunset flight out of Fort Lauderdale. I was able to witness a spectacular optical display of clouds with sunrays. There was nothing added to this image. I did amplify contrasts, values and saturation to fit my artistic vision but all the details exist in the raw capture of the image. I get a very strong spiritual feel from this image and it even has more meaning with all the changes that have happened since the first version.


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You were very lucky to witness something like this. I can understand why you get a spiritual feeling from this image. When I first glanced at it I to felt drawn into the spiritual aspect of this photo. Looking at the beautiful layout of this cloud you know there is a higher being out there. I often see beauty in how the universe works when I’m photographing something so simple as a tiny leaf waking up after a long winters nap. To that tiny baby bird hatching out of its warm cocoon of an egg. To the marvelous sunrises and then sunsets as the universe goes to sleep. Who else can put this all together and make it work. In my belief there is only one that can make it work and that would be my thanks to God for giving me eyes to see his beautiful work and ears to hear the sounds of a rushing waterfall or the first chirping sound of the birds in the morning. Then let’s not forget about the smells of walking through a rose garden or smelling the earth after a summer shower. Then my hands to feel the softness of a puppy’s soft fur or touching a baby’s smooth skin. What a wonderful God we serve. Thank you for letting me share my feelings and for posting the beautiful photograph of Cloud Angel.

Denise Dyson

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