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Eric Zippe Fine Art

small WWRR 98 no2 woodprint

small WWRR 98 no2 woodprint

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small WWRR 98 no2 woodprint

Wilmington Western Rail Road engine 98 


The process begins with one of my original photographs  The image is printed onto a special receiver sheet designed to hold the ink. Meanwhile, the wood surface undergoes a detailed preparation involving a unique blend of acrylics, pearlescent pigments, and mica powders.

Once the wood is ready, I apply an acrylic liquid solution. While the solution is still wet, I carefully lay the receiver sheet, image side down, onto the wood. This allows the ink to interact with the wet solution. After the appropriate waiting period, I peel the sheet away, leaving the encapsulated ink embedded in the acrylic on the wood surface. The piece is then left to cure and harden before receiving finishing coats

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